Why we Don’t need Everything Figured out.

It’s amazing the number of times i hear people around me talking about having everything sorted. My parents constantly talk about leading life in a planned way, i have seen people give up on relationships and beautiful moments for the ever so far “figured out plan”. While i would mull over these statements time and again i went for the movie Barfi this weekend and what i saw in the movie about ‘living in the moment without a plan’, made me re affirm my idea of having a life without having it all figured out. Here’s why we don’t need everything in life figured out:

Life is very very vulnerable. It can extinguish in a minute, a jiffy, it comes with no guarantee card and wipes itself out anywhere, anytime. Death as we really know of it can come knocking the moment you walk out of that snazzy office making big plans of the next move, or when you are brushing away somebody’s fairy land dreams for them being too way ward. Living in today and not stressing out for what is to come tomorrow is essential because do you even know if you have the next moment?

Not having it figured opens the opportunities to experiment. Experiment with that random thought of starting your own travel cafe, that inkling of an idea of that story you can convert into a book. It keeps that mind open and ever so close to smelling the next big chance you may have.

It makes a fighter out of you. Simply put you know that you need to fucking work out whatever cs knocking on your senses. Things can come your way both as a pleasant experience or stuff that punches you in the face. If it is situation two , you emerge a fighter that will work out a way. Richard Branson hadn’t had it all figured when he decided to start Student Advisory Committee as a helpline for teenagers. All he knew was that unable to get a safe abortion for his girlfriend was a torture and he decided there are probably hundreds of teenagers out there looking for safer place and hospitals for the same. He did not have it figured as to what shape or impact this would have, all he knew was he needed to help. In a year of starting this he was hit hard on the face by getting arrested for going against an anarchic law! Arrested, on trial, he came out a fighter with getting the law changed! All you need is that one hearing to what the heart says at that moment.

Not having it figured also teaches you to become less obsessed about stereotypes. Stereotypes about  life, about relationships, about others, about the work you do, the people you give chances to- you become more flexible about these things. Living in today means you got to give all of these things a shot in today which doesn’t leave much scope for the mind to over analyse and rot things.

You start to learn that many around you don’t have life figured themselves. That life is a continuous learning process and you do not need definitions for everything or anything at times. You learn that  folks around you are also seeking out to create their own ways with your help. You learn that a reassuring smile works for that nervous new comer around you and you have done your bit.

Not having it figures means you do not necessarily fit roles and change yourself to become a new entity. Living in just the today always ensures that you do not lose the real you because there is no figured scheme of things to be achieved, bringing down the chances of you wanting to say things because it makes sense or is the right gesture to make. You would rather keep it straight and be the original you because it is here and now that you got.


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Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

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